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Jane and Thomas were married on Mayday at the gorgeous Asylum Chapel by Maverick Events and what a fine day it was too.

It was my first Asylum Chapel wedding a.k.a. Caroline Gardens Chapel, London. Beforehand I would have told you that there is no such thing as a perfect photography location but now I’m not so sure.


The Asylum Chapel was built by the Licensed Victualers Benevolent Institution for the residents of Caroline Gardens (of which the chapel is part) who were retired workers in the local alcohol trade. Built in 1826 it has a Grade II listing. Bombed by the Luftwaffe in World War II the chapel lost its roof and was left to decay before being partially restored. This explains the beautiful patina of decay inside as the many layers of paint peeled. It’s suitable for up to 120 guests and one thing is for certain, they’ll be talking about your ceremony for years to come!

Enjoy the photos, we start with Jane writing thank-you cards and Thomas then delivering them by hand all around Peckham followed by a pre-ceremony pint at the pub. After the ceremony at the Asylum we went for a magical mystery tour on a London Routemaster bus to the reception venue.


Asylum Chapel is a bit of a cake and eat it venue. It allows you to get married in a Church without the “church bits” and is a relaxed and informal environment for a Humanist wedding ceremony you can customise to suit your own needs perfectly. Afterwards you’ll need another venue for the wedding breakfast and after-show party… just like a church wedding. Jane + Thom went to Hackney City Farm but as it’s London there are literally thousands of options. Take look at some of my swanky East Dulwich Pub weddings for ideas or head off to a posh restaurant. London is your Oyster, enjoy!

Asylum Chapel Wedding Photography by Graham Nixon · All images © Graham Nixon Photography 2005-2018


If you’re planning your own wedding already or still at the stage of looking for a truly alternative London wedding venue then the Asylum Chapel, Peckham by Maverick Events website is a great place to start… and if you’re looking for an experienced Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer with a genuine Documentary approach to perfectly complement your style then please do remember to check my availability so we can get the conversation started.

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