Hello, I’m Graham

With a previous career in motion imaging I bring a cinematic approach to wedding photography, which is, for me, all about narrative, authenticity and connection. From the quietest most intimate moments through to the big set-pieces I’ll create honest images that capture reality as it happened (with a little polish) in a photographic documentary with you as the stars.

Your Wedding

A clearing in the woods, a Tipi in a field, a grand stately home or a Castle on a hill… wherever you choose for your wedding celebrations make it true to yourselves and own it.


Listen to advice but feel free to ignore it (even this). Don’t worry about the weather, but bring wellies just in case. Enjoy the planning but don’t sweat the details. Use your gut instinct and go with your heart.


On the morning of your wedding chuck the spreadsheet in the bin, forget the timeline, it’s going to be a truly incredible day, live it like it’s your last!

My Wedding

To quote Churchill, my greatest achievement was convincing my Wife to marry me.


We planned our wedding in 90 minutes one Tuesday evening. Our wedding ceremony was at Central Park, New York City followed by cocktails in the East Village and dinner in our favourite Greek restaurant. Next day we went sailing and in the evening I discovered my passion for IPA.


So, I’ve been there, done it. I know how you’ll be feeling on the morning of your wedding. I’ll understand when to back off and also when you’ll need a little help. We’re in this together, let’s make something beautiful.